Intimate…and we mean it! Relaxing, comfortable and individualized care – that is the environment we want to bring to your shopping experience at LiliBea’s.

The Business

It all started at dinner with friends…what does Berks County need? A lingerie boutique! What did I want out of a lingerie shopping experience? Fabulous brands, great quality and the best customer service. Well now its here and ready for you.

Who We Are

My name is Robin Horman and am the founder of LiliBea’s. We opened for business in April of 2009. My inspiration comes from two women- grandmothers Lillian and Beatrice – both beautiful and diverse. Lillian was the independent one – the traveler, spending long days fishing on the Chesapeake Bay and long nights playing Canasta. Beatrice was the woman’s woman- impeccable hair, brazen lipstick and all the plastic beads and baubles any child would love to play with.